MiMilpa, planting the first seed

Welcome to Mexico, where delight and delicious meet.

MiMilpa wants you to savor every moment of the Mexican lifestyle. Our curated experiences bring you closer to understanding the relationship between regional flavors, fine artistry, natural wonders and impressive creations that make up the ever-changing facets of Mexico. Through creating connections, we are able to nurture relationships between locals and travelers that facilitate learning, sharing and preserving culinary traditions and regional ideologies while directly supporting community advancement. As two friends who are passionate about Mexican food and culture, we want you to experience the full richness of Mexico through gastronomic get-aways with an enjoyable group people you will love.

We came together over a cup of Mexican coffee. A chance meeting that would turn into a friendship and business partnership. After chatting about similar visions, we decided to create MiMilpa - a place to share our enthusiasm and knowledge of Mexican gastronomy with the world. Mexican gastronomy has been recognized by Unesco as an intangible Cultural Heritage for it’s rich history, diverse ingredients and ancient techniques that have been passed down through generations.

If you are a foodie or a traveler seeking the next level in culinary adventures, look no further. MiMilpa will be bringing you gastronomic experiences such as hands-on cooking classes, food tours, field trips, guides and publications. Be one of the first to take a bite of Mexico with us. Book a tour now.