Guamúchil (Huamúchil, Guamara)

Guamúchil, a Mexican fruit

The white flesh is the edible fruit of Guamúchil

Guamúchil (Huamúchil, Guamara) Pithecellobium dulce

Guamúchil is a strange looking fruit native to the Mexico region of Guerrero. Their unique pods twist and curl as they grow on the tree. This legume's green husks blush with an intense red which hide a fleshy white or pink fruit inside. This fruit can be enjoyed raw by removing from the beans from the reddish-green shell. Remove the black seeds from the center of the bean and enjoy the white fruit. The fruit is spongy like a soft nut and has a mild sweet flavor that is reminiscent of a white nectarine.

This fruit can be found in markets and especially in small towns and villages where you will find people selling them on the streets through the months of January and August. In smaller towns you will also find people not only using this as a source of food, but as a medicinal plants that can help toothaches and oral ulcers.


• Eat the fruit raw by removing the light fleshy beans from the husk. Remove the white flesh from the black seed at the center. Eat the white flesh of the bean.
• Can be dried to preserve longer to eat later.
• A marmelade can be made of the fruit
• Used as a medicinal plant for toothaches and oral ulcers


Find it the market and small towns on the streets seasonally between January and August. It can be found through the regions of Guerrero, Baja California, Oaxaca, San Luis Potosi, Quintanaroo, and Yucatan.