White Sapote (Casimiroa, Mexican Apple, Cochitzapotl)

White SaPote (Casimiroa, Mexican Apple)

White SaPote (Casimiroa, Mexican Apple)

White Sapote (CasimiroaMexican Apple, cochitzapotlCasimiroa edulis

White sapote is a drupe fruit with a very thin, delicate yellow-to-green skin that can be scratched off with your finger. It's not the counterpart to the black zapote as many believe - the black zapote is a species of persimmon. Inside the white sapote, there is a soft creamy flesh with a taste that is slightly like a pear and pineapple. The flesh usually contains four pits (seeds) that easily separate from the flesh. When ripe the fruit is soft like an avocado when ripe. These fruit are relatively small - about 2inches in diameter. The skin is inedible some say, but I eat it. The edible flesh can make you feel drowsy in large quantities. The Nahuatl word for the white sapote is "cochitzapotl" - meaning "sleep sapote".


• Eat raw when the flesh is soft to the touch like a ripe avocado. They are delicious cold.


Native to Mexico and Central America. Available in markets in Mexico, Central America, North America, Asia and other sub-tropical regions.